Year-end Recitals

The Branch Year-End Recital is an exhibition that takes place each June at the gym in KidsSports USA. We invite family and friends into the gym to have their gymnasts’ show-off many of the skills they have worked on throughout the year. Each class will perform a sequence of skills/routine on the different events. We ask all observers to sit in the designated safely zone seating; take pictures and cheer them on as they go. At the end of the recital, we reward all gymnasts for their great effort throughout the year with a medal!

Recital Apparel will be on sale and order forms will be sent out in the March/April newsletter. Boy’s Branch T-shirts and black shorts and girls custom designed leotards and T-shirts will be available for purchase. We do recommend all participates wear the recital apparel.

Branch Year-End Recital is for children in our Preschool, Twinkle Stars, Hot Shots, Saltos, Flippers, Tumblers and all School-age Recreational Developmental Classes (D1, D1A, D2, D2A, D3, D4).

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