Floor Music Note

Xcel and Optional Floor Routine Music and Choreography

MUSIC: All NEW Xcel and Optional gymnasts will need to chose floor music and have a floor routine choreographed during the summer before the competitive season. All other Optional gymnasts must keep their routine for two years. After you have had your floor music for two years may you change your music choice and/or choreography. Once the floor music has been selected, you will need two copies; one copy must be in your locker at all times and another copy must be in your competition bag.

There are many websites to find floor music. Many gymnasts look on www.youtube.com and gymnastics floor music websites like www.floormusicexpress.com. You must summit your top 3 choices to the Head Coach and they will decide and chose the appropriate music selection.

CHOREOGRAPHY: Choreography of a floor routine takes approximately 3 hours at a time. This will be set up between the Choreographer and the Head Coach. Branch Gymnastics coaching staff will select the choreographer. Please be sure to bring a video recording device for the last 20-30 minutes of the private session to record the finished routine. Instructions on how and what to record will be given upon the completion. You do not need to stay for the duration of the private but should return 30 min prior to the end of the session.

This is an additional charge; Full payment for the choreography and/or music must be submitted to the choreographer the day of routine construction.


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