Girls Team Program

Our team philosophy is two fold: individual potential and emotional growth. Each athlete that possesses the ability, the will and the desire will be given the opportunity to achieve their highest individual potential in a safe and positive learning environment. In addition to our concern for each child’s physical development, we also seek to develop and enhance self-confidence, self-image, and responsibility (“making good choices”).

Pre Team (1-4 hours/week)
The foundation of our team program is our Pre-Team. Branch Gymnastics pre-team consists of Twinkle Stars, Hot Shots, Aerials, Flippers and Twisters. These teams are pre-competitive. The purpose of these programs is to prepare young athletes for future competition by emphasizing strong fundamentals, strength, flexibility, confidence, and working independently. Gymnasts are hand selected and evaluated for this program based on many factors including their attitude, work ethic, desire, strength and flexibility. Proper skill progressions and techniques are emphasized which are vital for long-term success. All pre-teams are non-competitive programs. Time commitments are limited, but will increase as gymnasts move up levels. These athletes will perform in the annual Spring recital.

Developmental Team (4-9 hours/week)
The Developmental teams consist of Star 2’s, Star 3’s and Xcel bronze (Levels 2-3) and is used as an introduction to the competitive program. Compulsory routines (all gymnasts perform the same routine) are competed on all 4 events at several local “fun meets” each season. No Individual placements or scores are given-athletes are awarded with achievement ribbons based on each individual performance. Their season culminates at the “fun meet” state meet.

Compulsory Teams (9-16 hours/week)
The Compulsory team consists of competitive Levels 3, 4 & 5. These levels are progressive in nature and build upon the skills developed at the previous level. Gymnasts are required to conform to the styles and techniques of the compulsory routines developed by USA Gymnastics where an emphasis is placed on form, posture and presentation. The compulsory levels provide gymnasts with a foundation of strong basic skills and allow athletes to compete for individual & team placement awards. Competitive opportunities are provided both locally and out of state with the season culminating at the state meet.

Optional Teams (16-24 hours/week)
The Optional team consists of Levels 6-10. These levels no longer compete compulsory routines-At these levels the gymnasts will begin performing more complex skills and combinations in routines designed specifically for the individual athlete. Gymnasts will be scored based upon their performance of level of difficulty, execution, artistry, and originality. Each level provides a new set of more difficult requirements on each event that must be included in each routine. Competitive opportunities are provided both locally and out of state with the regular season culminating at the state meet. In addition to the state meet, Level 8 will have the opportunity to qualify for regional competition and Levels 9/10 will have the opportunity to qualify for regional and national competitions.

Xcel Team (4-9 hours/week)
The Xcel team (formally known as prep-opt) consists of five levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. The Xcel team program is a USA Gymnastics competitive program, which serves as an alternative to the Junior Olympic levels. These athletes compete optional routines on all four events at USAG sanctioned Xcel meets. Gymnasts of this program must be 7 years or older. Competitive opportunities are provided both locally and out of state with the season culminating at the state meet and/or regional competitions.

USA Gymnastics Member Club
Branch Gymnastics is a USA Gymnastics member club. USA Gymnastics (commonly known as USAG) is the sole national governing body for the sport of gymnastics in the United States. This designation comes from the U.S. Olympic Committee, and the International Gymnastics Federation. USA Gymnastics sets the rules and policies that govern gymnastics in this country. Training and selecting the U.S. Gymnastics Team for the Olympic Games and World Championships are just two of the many responsibilities of USA Gymnastics.


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